Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Relationships!!......are beautiful:)

I believe relationships are pious. And when they are like love relations the sanctity becomes four folds. There are beautiful feelings, feelings which can just not be put in words and which are realized at different stages in life. The world seems like a wonderful place to live in when these realizations are realized. I have recently realized the importance of one such association in my life. This was written a while back but it has a lot to do with my present frame of mind (this term is plagiarised….:P):-Today mum and I went for shopping. She was quite enthusiastic to buy me all that I wanted. From Cute clips to colourful bands and minty suparis to khatta aam papad. I had a nice time. and I remembered time spent with mum before. You know mothers are so important. They teach what no one can tell and they preach that their children generally can’t comprehend. There have been so many occasions when mum and I have gone shopping and have had a race. She always told me how she walked so fast when she was as young as me and then we would both try to walk faster than each other consciously and behave like its all normal speed for us. Today, I noticed that she has developed some problem in her legs. She just mentioned she was having some minor pain but I never thought it was serious. It was difficult for her to climb the stairs and she was so exhausted after an easy one floor shopping that I was amazed. Age is the worst and the best enemy of man. When I think of Ma I know she’s ageing. She does everything with such vigour and passion that I fall in love with her even more. So caring and so compassionate, I wish god gives her a beautiful old age. So much pain and not a word of the feeling is something only a woman can do. She is a great woman and the greatest mum. On the way back in the car she explained to me how girls need to be so careful of going alone to dark places. And how all places are not Bombay like. She kept quoting examples from her life to make it look like this conversation just came out of the blue and she had no intention of making a point. She kept asking me my views and very carefully studied them. Mothers are so important. This love relationship with her is becoming stronger with each realization. My strength, my courage, my identity and my very being lies in her existence. I miss her so much.