Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bye bye Manipal...

This post is written in the bus…:)
I am on my way back home from manipal, the land of dreams and ambitions, the land where students come sane and become insane…some lose their identity and some learn to live as hypocrites…they start believing in the concept of ‘its just for these three-four years and then I’ll be back to my original self’…in the name of three years they try every possible thing in this land of dreams….its all about being cool for some, they think owning an ipod, dolby speakers, a flat and a mobile worth a middle class clerks salary is cool….still in this pool of fakers are some who are focused, who toil hard each day in the hope of becoming some1 one day…and in this they struggle between these two lives. ..both the lives are good and happy. Ignorance is bliss and some people live like that forever..its aweird world….u think u want something and u end up getting something else… all this I learnt a few things in manipal
• Never crib about others and their habits, u never know why a person does a particular thing, what is his agenda in life and how confused he is …….i don’t think a drunkard in manipal student crowd can be blamed for being spoiled. How would I know what his previous lifestyle has been, his bringing up, what has he seen in life and what all mess is he involved in.. maybe there are so many questions in his life and that he wants to run away and never face realities.
• Nothing remains in the close realms of one person’s thought in manipal. anything about any1 is known to the entire world. i don’t seem to like a person;s ways and the entire college knows that I hate the person. U see whatever gets transported from one person’s mouth to another’s ear has some new interesting and spicy elemant added to it.
• There are very few people in this world who are transparent and are straight on the face. These people don’t have any grudges and live a peaceful life because they compel others to know how they feel or think about others. The lifestyle they live is better than the rest of course. But its hard to be like that u know. And besides keeping this as a virtue forever is another difficulty.
• One should learn to be happy in how much you have, coz you have so much more than some others.
• Each individual has a problem of a different nature. No1 is more happy or less happy. There are problems with every1 and each one has to learn to deal with them. Nobody will deal them for you, not every 1 can be guided or say guided well or even have good ppl to guide them. Never think your own problems are the biggest and only you don’t have a solution. Life is difficult and its our responsibility to make it easy.
• Also that close friends are precious. They can be irritating and overpowering sometimes but they are your saviours. They love you and take care of you always in every situation. Never lose those who are genuine.
• As long as you are doing the right thing be happy. Don’t get judgemental on others.
• A person’s nature and character are two different things. They can never be equated. A guy could be a womaniser but a very helping one at the same time.
I have realized some of the most important virtues in manipal. it has helped me to understand myself to a greater extent and come in terms with my inner fears.
I am now fearless, boundless and happy. I know the world is a nasty place and I have to remain sane to sail through unlike many others around me. Also that I dread only one year is left in manipal. I love this land of dreams so much that It will be painful to leave it one day...