Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Manipal my sweet love…

There are just so many things I will miss manipal for, so many people so many places! This blog post is sure to be of nostalgia and carefree-ness. For writing in a blog is not journalism…No ethics involved, no tweaking! Let the thoughts flow and let them be random. For the right to thought and opinion is one’s own.

Four more days and il be gone to where I belong. The most exhilarating Rajasthan… these three years in this land of dreams has shaped me, made me who I am. I’ll miss lots of things…

The greenery: its breathtaking. I have never seen so much greenery before. Of course I am from Jaipur so it makes sense. But I love this greenery, it gives me a feeling of life.

The beach: the first beach I saw was when I came here. Though I am really bored of beaches, I guess il miss them when I wont see them….

The water: there is water everywhere you travel. Vast expanses of water. I love the Maravanthe water stretch out of all I have seen. Though it so much water and moisture here that one can get frustrated I still think il miss seeing water everywhere.

The cheap eating joints: these are not so cheap if you are associated with a member of the Greenply family but still…

Open bar: I don’t think I will visit an open bar in Jaipur or any where. Il miss this utmost freedom in Manipal.

Basil: I like that place. I love the present ambience. I wish we went together atleast once to dine in this new set up Basil has..its beautiful

13th Block: I guess I am in love with this hostel. Its clean, the akkas are good. The only fuck up is the perm time, it didn’t create too much problems…and even if it did, I just dealt with them.

The matrons: they are so irriatating. Now they are friends with me but once they called mum when I came late…gawd I wanted to kill them then…

Room No. 303: I have lived for three years in this room. Its like my little home..:(

Fresh and Honest: I will thoroughly miss fresh and honest. I have given them cool business for all these three years. I love coffee at any time of the day. These days I also socialize with the akkas occasionally. And I am in awe for most of them. About sixty percent of them are students like me, they work part time and keep reading their books.

The gossip sessions: dude, I love gossiping. But when it turns around its nasty. So I learnt a few rules and unlearnt some. Now I know when to say what and to whom, so not a major issue. Gossip sessions will still be on..:D

The peace: when you want to be with yourself you can be with yourself. Look at the sky at the night, take a walk around, go to the end point or the children’s park, take a cup of coffee and take off. Il miss this peace ….so much!

The noise: manipal is a noisy place. Go around and people will be shouting in the campuses. Our college has suddenly become an exception. Havent heard anyone shout in the recent months. There has been a lot of noise in these three years, about everything, every one, about me, about him, about her….i’ll miss these noises. They are deep inside me somewhere….will continue them to echo.

The freedom: the absolute freedom I got in the first year. I loved it. Then the concept of freedom changed but still I loved it. I will miss this freedom to do what I liked, the way I liked.

TMJ: I liked working for TMJ. It was a way of doing what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to do. Learnt a great deal. I liked the organization.

Nazlah: my first room mate who first met me and said “be at your own guard here baby, no one is your own in Manipal except your boyfriend, which I hope you don’t intend to have…haha….ridhi will kill me..” lol…I understood what she said on the last day of Manipal. Owe her so much….and I think she is the most beautiful woman I have seen. Muah..!

Davina: has taught me that if a person can learn to live with him/herself then nothing can break him/her. She sings beautifully.

Joanne: Different. I like.

Raj: the Best and the Worst. My little “powerful” baby..:P

Anadi: he is Thee man. I like him

Raga: She has changed a lot of me. Its unconscious, sub-conscious. Its just between her and me. Don’t think she knows abt it though.

Prasanna: I got him jaipuri chappals and he never wore them The next time you meet me in life il buy you new ones ok..

Ami: The bestest. And my favourite.

Roshan: she likes rajasthan and I will see her soon in jaipur. Our thoughts are opposite and i enjoy talking to her.

Surbhi: I will miss her so much…not funny.

Ram: I hate him. And he owes me an apology. I love him. And I don’t want to lose him ever.

To be continued……….


S Ramanathan said...

I hate you too. :)

Hestia said...

hehe aashika.. :)
i will miss you for all the diet-talk, motu moments of life and in general the jazz.. you are the most 'jee' person in my life..

Flygirl said...

Strong, Altruistic. I Like.

Anaswara said...

:(.. no one loves me... Not anadi or you :(.. nice post...:)

I will miss Manipal and everyone u mentioned too!! :)

I like!!

Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...


I 'rediscovered' Aashika Jain recently ;) And I like the fun behind the nautanki :)

shaazy said...

Hmmmm.... Random!!! i like :)

Suzzer said...

...nice... :)

Nzl said...

I love you too baby.. Im sure you had a wonderful time in manipal.. the good comes with the bad and thats what makes things special, it balances it out.. always keep in touch and Iam ALWAYS here for you ok.. muah